From what I can see, Santa Fe High School was better prepared than most as far as Defending students. The presence and quick reaction of the SROs cornered the active shooter before more lives were lost.

The school however failed in Deterrence and Detection.

Was the Art Room door unlocked? If so was it opened because the shooter was a known student?

They missed several Red Flags including: Social Media posts, clothing and militaristic pins worn; behavior changes; bullying (not yet confirmed). If we want to stop school shootings we have to implement prevention measures to keep Active Shooters from every getting to the final phase where lives can be lost. We must conduct an exhaustive analysis of school shootings and identify the different phases (similar to the terrorist attack cycle) and the develop Deterrence and Detection Solutions to identify potential school shooters and get them the help they desperately need! On Guard International LLC has been working on solutions using the DETER DETECT DEFEND model. Let’s work together to stop this insanity! #NotAtMySchool