The ability to empower students to anonymously report violence promoting speech, actions and social media postings at schools is one of the three pillars of, a prevention based approach to empower students by developing and promoting prevention strategies to halt violence at schools long before it happens! Prevention strategies focusing on modifying human behavior are key components of the DETER element to school security developed by On Guard International LLC. The DETECT element is designed to establish SCHOOL DOMAIN AWARENESS. This consists of creating a real time COMMON OPERATIONAL PICTURE that provides school administrators a way to achieve a sustainable level of security with a combination of behavior prevention strategies and by automating security with integrated video surveillance and access control system utilizing predictive analysis software. The DEFEND element provides state of the art training for School Resource Officers and responding LEOs as well as offering the school non- lethal options.

School security requires a two prong approach: Reaction Рstopping the threat with all means possible & Prevention Рinstituting anti-bullying campaign;  anonymous reporting of suspicious activity (especially on social media); hardening classrooms; trained and motivated School Resource Officers. When you add the spiritual element Рour battle is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities in the heavens (Eph 6:12) Рit becomes a three prong approach.

The first two can only protect the school up to a point. The latter is the reason why we are in a downward spiral of school violence which, statistics show is only going to worse as our youth looses touch with their Creator and is engulfed in a narcissistic and self-destructive culture (2 Tim 3:1-5). Utilizing only prongs one and two are reminiscent of the Dutch boy trying to stop a failing dam by putting his fingers in the holes. To stop school violence, we need to change the course of society back to the Creator (2 Chronicles 7:14) otherwise school shootings will become the new “norm” in our society!