To develop highly automated security solutions through innovative approaches in order to provide the client with a cost effective sustainable high level of security.


To create a paradigm shift in modern security operations by designing a real time Common Operating Picture that provides clients with 24/7 awareness without overspending on manpower and outdated technology. This process starts with a vulnerability assessment and risk analysis to evaluate capabilities, determine threats and prioritize risk. Automated security solutions aredesigned that leverage “Best of Breed” technology, delineated in customized policies and procedures based on written job descriptions with clearly assigned responsibilities and reinforced with realistic scenario based “live” fire training and drills.

Executive Summary:

On Guard International L.L.C., provides state of the art international consulting, training and operational support by combining high tech with cutting edge tactical solutions developed from the combined experience of a highly successful cadre of seasoned security professionals who have had successful, result driven careers crowned by events of significant international impact in all of the core security areas. These core areas are Personnel, Physical, Technology and Cyber security. OGI is especially strong in the inter-modal transportation sector, seaports, airports, land borders, rail, trucking, and critical infrastructure and recovery from natural and environmental disasters. OGI personnel provide international security assessments, industry driven training and operational and tactical security covering all threats/all hazards for individuals, residential communities, commercial properties, corporations, Non-Governmental organizations and U.S. and foreign government agencies. Our cadre of highly successful security professionals come from elite special operations units. They are extremely knowledgeable and have a proven track record based on years of professional experience dealing with national security matters. They can provide expert assessments and training as well as operate in any environment creating a system of overlapping security protocols against any threat including illegal entry, industrial sabotage, internal conspiracy, terrorism, piracy and recovery from natural disasters. OGI provides that crucial third set of eyes, based on years of experience, channeled by the latest in house and commercially available threat analysis, taking a fresh look at the current systems in place and recommending and implementing highly effective ways to improve and harden security operations.