Armin Cate, CEO of On Guard International has created a holistic approach to School Security called SCHOOL DOMAIN AWARENESS based on the company’s “DETER” “DETECT” “DEFEND” model. The deterrence approach starts with early prevention programs to stop a Shooter from becoming a Shooter!

In the detection stage, students are empowered to report violence provoking speech, actions and social media postings through an anonymous application provided to students and faculty.

The defensive phase includes Less than Lethal options to stop a shooter as fast as possible. These are just some of the examples of the high and low tech solutions employed to create a sustainable high level of security designed to halt the tragic loss of life at our schools.

An overarching prevention strategy is an integral part of the Holistic School Security Solutions provided by On Guard International LLC. Our approach is to empower students to Stop School Violence with three Prevention Strategies to halt violent behavior at the earliest possible stage.

1) Empower student leaders to exert “Positive Peer Pressure” to create a environment where there is zero tolerance for bullying.

2) Encourage student leaders to reach out students who are “loners” in a way that lets them know they are valued and an integral part of the school.

3) Provide all students with a cell phone application that guarantees anonimity for reporting violence provoking speech and behavior or posting the same on social media.

In addition to the above solutions, On Guard International offers the latest in integrated smart surveillance and access control technology to provide the user with a real time Common Operational Picture designed to automate the security process, reducing the element of human failure associated with prolonged monotonous security monitoring.

On Guard International also provides a school security vulnerability assessment and risk analysis that prioritizes the threats allowing the client to maximize the use of limited resources, such as time and money, to mitigate the threats they are most likely to encounter. On Guard International then creates an action plan timeline to monitor the implementation of these solutions.

We review and write school security policies and procedures including job descriptions listing assigned responsibilities in the form if manuals and emergency response checklists.

We design crisis action command centers, safe rooms and provide solutions to harden classrooms.

We offer specialized training for School Security Directors, Crisis Action Command Center staff, School Resource Officers, and faculty. This training, which includes task specific and team training, are then tested via tabletop exercises and highly realistic on site “ĺive fire” drills.

On Guard International has conducted vulnerability assessments, infrastructure improvements and training at several schools in South Florida including Kendall Christian School (Pre-K to 5); Epiphany Catholic School (Pre-K to 8) and Westminster Christian School (Pre-K to 12). Commander Cate has written articles for publication on school security issues.